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The Internet is a vast, interconnected web of information that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It has brought with it opportunities for work and play both virtual and real-world alike. Here are the 5000+ Online Jobs from Home, Part Time Data Entry Typing Remote Work Opportunities 2021.

There was once an era when working from home jobs were only seen as daydreams or pipe dreams but now thanks to technology there are plenty available where you don’t even need to leave your house if so choose – all through laptops, mobile devices.

Working from home can be a huge lifesaver for people who work in dangerous, unpredictable conditions. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your own business or someone with dependents looking to make ends meet while providing food on the table at all times of day; there is no limit when it comes down to what type of opportunities exist out there.

Data Entry Jobs 1800 Typing
Online Typing Jobs 860 Typing
Online Survey Jobs 120 Analyzing
Online Tutor Jobs 150 Teaching
Medical Transcription Jobs 120 Medical Transcription
Content Writing Jobs 720 Writing
Form Filling Jobs 240 Typing
Micro Jobs 800 Net Surfing
Captcha Solving Jobs 250 Typing
Virtual Assistant Jobs 40 Management
Video Editor Jobs 24 Video Editing
App Developer Jobs 120 Programming
Game Developer Jobs 140 Programming

Top 5 Online Jobs from Home

1] Content Writer

Content writers are professionals who create engaging content for online visitors as per business requirements. They’re Internet-savvy producers, creating articles and other forms of web-based reading materials including blog posts or eBooks to suit many different types of portals like websites blogs social networks news aggregators, etc. often on behalf of client websites college sites.

The goal here is not only to help you maintain your website but also to grow traffic by providing quality information that will satisfy readers’ needs in an enjoyable way.

Job Details of Content Writer:

Degree Level Minimum Bachelor’s degree or above
Degree Field(s) English, journalism, communications, or creative writing
Licensure/Certification Certificate programs available for
Experience Writing contents, blogs, samples, and portfolios typically required
Key Skills Strong writing skill, grammar, and research skills; knowledge in the specific writing field; social media and web skills a plus
Estimated Annual Salary $80,000 or above

2] Transcriptionist

Home-based transcription works are online jobs that allow people to make legit money without specialized training or experience needed. Transcribers need only listen carefully and accurately, then type as fast they can go! These work from home opportunities also require you to be very speedy with your fingers while listening – the faster you type, the more paychecks there will be in one day’s time

We all know what it feels like to have a hard copy of something committed onto paper; now imagine having an entire recording instead. This means accuracy is the key.

Average Salary: $15-25/hour

Where to find work: Transcribe Me.

3] Freelancing At Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sell almost anything to people all over the world. It’s easy and straightforward, just like Amazon.

If it has something related to digital products or services then this website might be for you because on here there are many opportunities available such as SEO & social media marketing jobs that pay $5 per hour with no experience required; content writers who charge around $100/page for their work in languages including English.

Average Salary: Starting at $5 per gig (specific task)

Find an Online Job:

4] Online Tutor

Are you an expert in a particular subject who wants to earn some extra cash? You can now tutor students online using platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and Meet. Additionally, if tutoring is not your thing then offer consultancy services too! There are several portals that provide these opportunities – find one suited for you here.

Average Salary: Earn $16-25/hour to share your knowledge with others in online

Find an Online Tutor Job: Tutors & Tutor Me

5] Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs is an excellent way to make some extra cash if you have little or no experience with online work. Micro jobs are common in countries including India, Pakistan Bangladesh Indonesia Philippines South Africa Netherlands United States Canada Australia

The idea behind these micro-jobs is that they provide small tasks which require basic IT skills set like emailing documents back and forth between employees on different projects etc.

There are some best sites that can provide you with exciting and easy micro jobs online. You just have to join these sites & work part-time for 2-3 hours daily & make a decent income.

Average Payout: Pay per task usually varies between $0.01 to $1 or even more

Find Micro Jobs Online: Amazon Mechanical Turk, Micro Workers & Rapid Workers

Final Words

In a time where technology is changing and people can work from home, it’s fortunate that we live in the best of all possible worlds. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of companies who allow workers with skills to do so if they have access to both an Internet connection as well as adequate computer knowledge.

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