Signs That You Are In The Right Job

Are you in the right job? Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions we will make. We spend more than 85 thousand hours at work over our lifetime, which translates into an entire third (34%) of all days on Earth. The consequences are severe when people hate their jobs: they’ll be constantly stressed and unhappy with everything around them; this leads to dangerous levels of stress inside themselves or others not surprisingly causing illness as well.

So before making such a big decision that could affect both your personal life AND future success professionally considers these three questions what am I good at? How much do I enjoy doing it? And lastly but MOST importantly does THIS bring fulfillment?

Signs That You Are In The Right Job

The negative effects of stress on humans are wide-ranging and the list could go on for pages. It damages your physical health, changes how you feel mentally from tired to irritable or panic-stricken, and in reality, it has an impact even deeper than what meets the eye because this condition affects almost every aspect of our lives: relationships with family members including parents & children.

1] You have a good work-life balance

Any so-called perfect job that harms your health wrecks your relationships and your work-life balance definitely does not deserve that moniker. Do not confuse the desire for work-life balance with the desire to work less. Companies have different perspectives on flexible working opportunities. Some companies allow for one day a week to be work from home while others like dell offer a program that allows employees to work where and when is best for them.

And this allows employees to focus on the value of results. Having a healthy work-life balance means the employees will be happier when I come to work and this, in turn, helps reduce stress and the chances of burnout which are 2 common health issues in the workplace.

When employees have autonomy over their schedules and lives they also feel a greater commitment to the company and culture. You know what job is right for you when it allows you to work comfortably while enabling you to spare time for your family friends and hobbies.

2] Time Flies When You Are At Work

They say if you love what you do you’ll never have to work a day in your life. You will notice that time flies very fast and the day goes by quickly without you noticing it. This does not mean that time is running out it is just an indication that you are getting a lot done and you are enjoying what you are doing this shows that, you were focused and engaged in your work.  And it is a clear sign that you are in the right job.

3] You Get Along Well With Your Colleagues

Socializing with coworkers is essential for anyone if they want to advance their career.  In fact, the modern workplace has become a community center a home away from home where most people meet their social needs.

When you have strong relationships with your colleagues you are far more likely to be respected. And when you are respected you can speak and expect people to listen to what you’re saying. Even if your co-workers do not entirely agree with your ideas they are likely to take a chance and offer approval if they value you as a person. If you have positive workplace relationships you will surely be happy at work and believe it is your perfect job.

4] Your Hard Work is appreciated

Almost half of Americans feel that success consists of both long-term and short-term wins. When you enjoy your job you perform well. When you perform well you feel good about the outcomes of your decisions, and you experience small wins the continuously build and lead to increased confidence and work output.

It is important that your contributions are being recognized and acknowledged at your workplace. The company will always recognize noteworthy employees and reward them. If your management as well as colleagues recognize your hard work and only support you then you will find yourself loving your job and you will feel that it is the right job for you.

5] You Have a Good Boss

A boss is someone who manages the day-to-day workflow and activities of the workers they supervise. Most importantly, a boss is also someone who coaches and train subordinates.  A great boss is not just someone who knows their business and can delegate work is easy.

They are not just decision-makers. They are mentors to show you your flaws and strengths, and who are willing to put their own reputation on the line to recommend you to others.  A good boss can have a substantial positive effect on the productivity of a typical worker.

When the boss is supportive employees are less likely to feel like they do not fit in their position. Sometimes that is only please needed to be motivated to give their all of their jobs.


When people feel valued, they develop intrinsic motivation. They no longer work for prizes such as promotions and bonuses. Instead, the motivation turns inward and they start working for the sheer pleasure and pride of doing an outstanding job.

If you have a good boss who guides and supports you in growing your career then you are lucky to be in the right place.

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