Business Ideas In The Lockdown

Top 4 Business Ideas in the Lockdown

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Hey, readers welcome to the new world reality, a reality in which near about 27 million people have lost their jobs, and industries have been brought to a halt and it will take months or years to recover. So this article has top business ideas for everyone in the pandemic they can certainly provide a job a lifestyle and a potential for growth if you are good at it.

To me being an entrepreneur was a choice. I went to the corporate route and then I decided to quit my job to start my own business.  But the question arises here what if I lost my job what would I do? So here are some top business ideas after lockdown.

All right so billion-dollar business ideas don’t come to you when you’re under pressure they happen rarely, and they take months and years to test and develop. You might not have months or years.

1] Start Home Kitchen

So here is a first idea start a home kitchen.  This seems to be a new up-and-coming trend that was officially legalized in California with the cottage food law and the microenterprises kitchen operation. I think there is an opportunity here people are working from home, might not have time to cook, they want to avoid junk food while spending less money. There is a growing market that will not stop even when the world reopens.

I expect similar legislation will be available in other states and other countries soon. Maybe it already is. Platforms like UberEats have allowed plenty of tiny kitchen operations to spring around the world, small enterprises that probably could not afford to maintain a fully-fledged restaurant in the location with foot traffic, but they are now exposed to a whole new audience.

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