Business Ideas In The Lockdown

Top 4 Business Ideas in the Lockdown

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2] Make Websites

Another idea is websites. While starting a blog is an option, it is going to be really tough to compete, and it is gonna take months to generate any meaningful income if you are depending only on ads. But I think there is an opportunity on retail, which has been forcefully digitalized and many stores were not really prepared to be completely online.

While you might think that Amazon rules the world of online shopping, and they kind of do, there are still billions of dollars in retail transactions occurring from small stores many of them operated via Shopify.

This is not a commercial for Shopify but there are over 500000+stores on the platform, not to mention the stores hosted on Squarespace and Webflow.

So, First, you can build a store of your own it’s very easy. I don’t know anything about handling the store.  And second, you can help other people with their stores. All these platforms have been created so that small entrepreneur can build and host their own stores, and they are all pretty easy to use. Still, not everybody is really tech-savvy. So here is the step-by-step guide to creating your own Shopify store from scratch. You only need to sign up and start learning.

3] Virtual Assistants

Another growing industry here is virtual assistants. We have hired a few at different stages of the company to lend an extra pair of hands-on tasks that can’t be fully automated by bots. We have also spent a fair amount of money on top companies like user testing and usability hub.

When we have a new interface or design that we want to test, that we put it there and Survey users on what their thoughts are, and whether or not they found it intuitive. You can join as a tester and make money for each review that you make. You might not be living from it but it’s income while you sit at home, which is what we are doing anyway.

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